our commitment to the planet

At Doctor Cutillas we are committed to caring for the environment and sustainable development. To reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to combating climate change, we make use of clean and renewable energies, such as solar energy, with the installation of photovoltaic panels in our facilities and the use of recycled materials both in our products and in our packaging.

environmental commitment

The future is everyone's responsibility, which is why we prioritize the use of materials that respect the environment and we are committed to sustainability in our collections. And although generating zero waste is still a challenge on the horizon, we are implementing ecodesign strategies aimed at developing more ecological shoes, using natural and organic fabrics with low environmental impact, obtained from sustainable crops.

Eco Innovation

At Doctor Cutillas you can find products made with state-of-the-art eco-sustainable raw materials. Our R+D+i department is constantly researching new manufacturing methods and new materials to achieve innovative and environmentally friendly shoes, such as cork, virgin wool, organic cotton or bamboo, natural materials selected for their excellent properties and for the care they provide to the foot.

Get to know our most respectful materials


Softness for your skin, respect for the planet

Organic cotton preserves its original softness and maintains the properties of the natural fiber . No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used for its production, and its seeds are not genetically modified. Its cultivation requires less water and energy than conventional cotton.

The organic cotton present in our shoes has the GOTS certificate,
Global Organic Textile Standard that guarantees its origin and handling.


The natural lining that takes care of your skin

Naturally soft fiber, softer than cotton, with non-irritating properties, ideal for sensitive skin, allergies or dermatitis. Cool in summer and warm in winter. Its excellent properties make it ideal for warmer days. Absorbs and evaporates sweat more quickly. It is four times more absorbent than cotton.

Contains anti- mite, hypoallergenic and natural anti-odor antibacterial agents.


Materials with a new life

In our line of house slippers you will find linings and insoles made with eco-recycled fabrics.
It is a range of fabrics that respect the environment thanks to the fact that they incorporate recycled materials that in turn can be recycled.

With the use of these materials , the use of pesticides, water and insecticides in new cotton crops is avoided, saving natural resources and the abusive occupation of the territory at a planetary level.