Since 1940 our goal is comfort.

Doctor Cutillas is a family business that emerged with the aim
to satisfy a latent need in the market: to create an elegant shoe,
fashionable and genuinely comfortable.
We understand that comfort does not have to
be at odds with style, there must be a balance.

Since our beginnings in 1940, our human team combines effort,
love for a job well done and motivation to get the women's shoe
perfect: the shoe that sublimates design, quality and comfort.

on-the-go experience

Our constant commitment to quality and high technology in all processes
involved in the manufacture of footwear, together with the guidelines of traditional crafts
-shared generation after generation- are the secret of our success. This has set us apart
and positioned in the market as top experts in comfortable footwear, allowing us to move forward
and improve in a continuous movement.

We have two production centers in
Spain, a cutting-edge logistics platform and a great human team
made up of more than 120 top-level professionals.

Our history

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One of the secrets of the success of our family business is combining artisanal manufacturing processes with continuous improvement processes thanks to a young, dynamic team open to the demands of the markets.



Our innovative manufacturing systems provide
to our unique quality footwear. The vulcanized , combines flexibility and
great resistance to the shoe, the injection to the cut , combines flexibility, lightness and
adaptation and mounting to the cut , balance between design, lightness and comfort.


The skins, linings, soles, insoles and threads that make up our shoes have been chosen
for its special qualities of resistance, lightness, breathability and flexibility
to create
a shoe of superior quality that allows them to be enjoyed for many years.


Our design team works to meet
the needs and expectations of our clients, researching and innovating
in each collection based on the latest trends in fashion and comfort, and always
with the seal and exclusive quality of Doctor Cutillas.

The company combines these values with eco-sustainability , a premise in the development of collections and their implementation in production processes, guaranteeing respect for the environment.



Doctor Cutillas is a family and global company with a clear objective: to manufacture shoes
that have a balance between design, comfort and quality.

The vision of DOCTOR CUTILLAS is to become a world reference in the world of fashion and comfort, currently being national leaders in the comfort sector with more than 1,200 clients throughout the national territory. We have a powerful commercial network that, supported by our logistics platform, distributes more than seven hundred and fifty thousand pairs a year in more than 15 countries.


At Doctor Cutillas we understand CSR as a commitment to our
employees, with society and with the environment,
for this reason we base our
management model in responsibility, good practices and ethics
business in order to contribute to the development of a more just society and
equitable. We are aligned with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals),
promoted by the UN, sharing the responsibility to create a better world.

In order to promote a more just society and
solidarity, and contribute to improving the life of those social sectors more
disadvantaged, from Doctor Cutillas we carry out a program of
regular cooperation with Caritas Elche.
In this sense, we carry out annually
donations of footwear so that the entity can distribute them to all those
people in vulnerable situations.