Do you have sensitive feet? Choose Doctor Cutillas and feel the difference

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Do you have sensitive feet? Choose Doctor Cutillas and feel the difference

Our feet are a fundamental part of our well-being and health. They support the entire weight of our body throughout the day, so they are exposed to continuous wear and tear that can lead to illness and disease if we do not carry out the proper care. We cover them up and neglect them without taking their needs into account. In fact, many of the back, hip, knee or ankle problems that we can suffer from during our lives are caused by improper foot care.

Normally we do not take into account the importance of footwear. This is a fundamental element to keep our feet healthy, as it directly affects their well-being, in addition to influencing the proper functioning of the joints, spine, etc. And it is that, many of the pathologies that we can suffer in our feet, and even in our locomotor and circulatory system, are a consequence of having used inappropriate footwear for a long time.

How to choose comfortable shoes if you have sensitive feet?

  • the last So that your fingers or instep are not oppressed, opt for shoes that have a wide last and no interior seams. In this way, you will also avoid chafing.
  • The materials. It is important to choose a quality material that breathes, prevents injuries and adapts easily to your foot.
  • Template. Betting on shoes that have a comfortable insole and that help the comfort of the tread is essential.
  • the sole The sole cushions the impact of the foot against the ground. It is advisable to opt for models that are flexible and as light as possible to facilitate passage without extra effort.
  • Design. It is also very important to choose a design that is attached to the foot: with adjustable elastic bands, velcro... etc.

In Doctor Cutillas you can find a wide variety of comfortable, versatile and stylish shoes in equal parts. Each pair is designed with soft, flexible materials to stretch and mold to your feet for a perfect fit. In addition, they incorporate soles with innovative technologies to provide cushioning and stability, and removable anatomical insoles, making it possible to adapt all kinds of special insoles to them. If you have sensitive feet, Doctor Cutillas footwear is the solution to give you relief, rest and well-being.

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