A project, a trajectory, a future.

Decades 40-50

Joaquin Cutillas , member of a family of jute artisans from Cox (Alicante), transforms the craft and turns it into a footwear company.

Decades 60-70

1967. Establishes its logistics center in Elche.

1970. They open their first vulcanized factory in Elche.

Decades 80-90

1985 . Start of shoe production with the upper injection system.

Restyling of the brand, renaming it DOCTOR CUTILLAS.

Opening of the current logistics center, which has more than 8,000 square meters.

First years of the new century

2008. DOCTOR CUTILLAS enters the specialized orthopedic sector with the DOCTOR FLEX brand.

2012. Impulse to the internationalization of the company with the presence in International Fairs. Commitment to respect for the environment with the creation of the DOCTOR CUTILLAS BE NATURAL brand.

2014. The generational transfer takes place, leaving Don Joaquin Cutillas as Honorary President of the company. Profound structural change in the company, specialization and professionalization of the management team is produced.


2015. The Export Department is created to better satisfy international markets.

2017. The implementation of a new automated logistics system is carried out.

2018. Creation of the Marketing department.

2019. Incorporation to our factory of all collaborating external agents.


2020. Establishment of the IT department in charge of managing the technological tools used by the entire company.

Creation and implementation of equality plans with the general objective of promoting equal treatment between men and women. Creation of a waste collection plan in order to facilitate their correct management.

Installation of photovoltaic solar panels to generate clean energy within the framework of our actions towards sustainability and our commitment to the environment.