Characteristics of Doctor Cutillas Comfortable Shoes

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Characteristics of Doctor Cutillas Comfortable Shoes

Have you ever wondered what the characteristics of Comfortable Shoes are? Doctor Cutillas ? Our feet depend on the health of our joints and our ability to walk upright. However, a good part of the population continues to ignore their care and needs. Our feet are the base of our body, receiving heavy loads throughout the day, for this reason it is important to provide them with as much help as possible by choosing good footwear.

When we go to buy some shoes, we must make sure that they meet a series of basic biomechanical needs and requirements. It is important that we observe its characteristics. Therefore, from Doctor Cutillas, a footwear brand specializing in foot care, we would like to convey to you in this article how important it is to choose appropriate footwear and what are the particularities that make our feet so comfortable. shoes.

What are the characteristics of Doctor Cutillas Comfortable Shoes?

Characteristics of Doctor Cutillas Comfortable Shoes


If you are looking for the most comfortable footwear for your feet, you should not ignore this factor, as it is perhaps one of the most important and probably the most forgotten by designers and manufacturers. Casual footwear is often designed with a narrow toe box because it is supposedly more aesthetic, however, therein lies much of the discomfort and the usual foot problems.

For a shoe to be comfortable, it must have a wide toe box that offers mobility and freedom to the fingers, and compresses them. If the toe box is not roomy enough it can cause blisters and painful calluses. Experts remind that the shoes must adapt to the feet and not the other way around. The shape and size of the Doctor Cutillas toe caps meet ergonomic criteria studied to provide that comfort that we all seek.


The heel is the back of the shoe, and its design is directly related to stability and shock absorption when walking. From the point of view of biomechanics, stability in footwear is a very important factor for comfort, and a safety issue to prevent falls and ankle injuries. On the other hand, the ability to absorb shocks in a shoe is key.

When we take a step, the foot first touches the ground with the heel, and a force is produced that affects the whole body. Without proper cushioning, impacts can cause knee injuries and back pain. Doctor Cutillas' footwear has reinforced heels and padded interior supports so that the foot sits comfortably, absorbing the impacts of movement. In addition, they have a stable base with a special width that improves support when walking, relieving tension in muscles, tendons and ligaments.


The sole is an essential part of the shoe since it is the component that is in direct contact with the ground and a large part of the comfort of the shoe depends on it. The sole must adapt perfectly to the foot, from the tip of the foot to the heel and provide a secure, light and flexible tread. We must avoid hard or rigid soles at all costs, because in the long run they can cause foot pain. They must also have a pattern that provides grip to the ground, both dry and wet, to prevent falls and slips. Doctor Cutillas soles meet all these requirements and provide us with cushioning and stability, helping us to maintain a correct body posture.


Doctor Cutillas is specialized in anatomical footwear with a special width suitable for all types of insoles. If you need shoes for your special insoles or you simply need truly comfortable footwear for your delicate feet, at Doctor Cutillas you will find what you are looking for. We have special width footwear in different styles so you can adapt and fit your removable insoles without problems. Thanks to its extra millimeters, the foot is loose inside, although well secured to avoid friction. If you suffer from foot pain, our footwear is the solution to give you relief, rest and well-being.


Doctor Cutillas insoles adapt perfectly to the plantar anatomy. Its ergonomic shape provides support and stability. They are made from thermoformed polyurethane foam that offers high cushioning capacity and low rigidity, so that it absorbs the impacts transmitted to the tibia and distributes pressure evenly, providing extraordinary rest and comfort. Furthermore, as they are made with viscoelastic material, the insoles take the shape of the footprint of the foot, and this memory effect relieves fatigue when walking.


The element that will most determine the comfort of your shoes will undoubtedly be the quality of the materials used in their manufacture. At Doctor Cutillas we use 100% natural skins and soft, flexible and breathable textiles during our manufacturing process. Using good quality materials influences all the properties of the shoe. It is directly related to elasticity, breathability and of course comfort. If you are looking for comfortable footwear, always make sure to check what raw materials it is made of.

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