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According to recent medical studies, walking reduces the risk of suffering from any chronic disease. Be it joint pain, heart and vascular problems, obesity, stress or depression. Although running is fashionable, many health professionals recommend walking, because this activity requires less wear and tear on the joints. Also, if we do it at a good pace and regularly, we can stabilize our weight or even lose weight. And the best of all is that no special equipment is required, it is only necessary to have good footwear that takes care of our feet.

As we have been saying, walking is an excellent way to improve health. It is also an easy activity to integrate into our daily lives. If you are currently looking for comfortable shoes to walk in, Doctor Cutillas they are second to none. And it is that they are considered by many women who have tried them as "the most comfortable in the world". Because our sneakers are not just sneakers. Its design, absolutely elegant and urban, allows its use in the most varied occasions. They can be worn perfectly with any look, whether casual or sophisticated.

Comfortable shoes for long walks, quality and stylish

Because if we have already internalized that we need good running shoes that fit our needs, it is equally important to know that walking is not just anything. In this sense, it is essential that we have appropriate footwear that does not damage our feet and joints, a good example of which are the Doctor Cutillas shoes. And it is that all the consumers who have worn them tell us that they are so comfortable that you forget that you are wearing them.

Our summer shoes are characterized by being designed from soft, breathable materials, such as nappa, mesh fabric, microfiber. On the other hand, as they are designed with ergonomic lasts of special widths, the foot is loose inside, although well supported to avoid chafing. In addition, they incorporate natural rubber soles that cushion the tread and removable anatomical insoles, making it possible to adapt all kinds of orthopedic and/or special insoles. In this way we get flexible and lightweight shoes that adapt perfectly to all types of feet, even the most delicate.

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